Walker Hayes on how his new viral song on TikTok is changing up date night

We fancy like...

Walker Hayes on Live in the D

Date night has taken on a whole new meaning thanks to a viral song on TikTok that has an equally popular dance. If you know about Bourbon Street steak, or an Oreo shake, then you know about Walker Hayes’ new song, “Fancy Like.”

The viral dance the singer and his daughter created to go along with the song has more than 25 million views on TikTok, and everyone else on the platform is joining in on the fun. When asked if he thought the song would be as popular without the dance, Hayes said “I would dare say the dance put it on a new trajectory.”

When he and his daughter created the dance, he had no idea it would turn into an Applebee’s commercial. The commercial features their viral TikTok, and Hayes loves seeing himself with his daughter on TV.

The song was inspired by many a date night he had with his wife, Laney. They started dating when they were 17, and have spent many evenings at the chain restaurant, eventually bringing their kids along as well. For Hayes and his family, a night out is pretty simple.

Hayes says he loves the wholesome nature of the dance and the trend and enjoys seeing people recreate his moves with their families.

Looking towards the future, he is excited about going out on tour to appease the masses who love this song.

“Fancy Like” also inspired Applebee’s to bring the Oreo shake back out of retirement.