Father-daughter duo on the big screen

Plus a man whose name you shouldn’t say 5 times.

Reel Talk - Flag Day, Candy Man and The Chair

Sean Penn and his daughter Dylan Penn sat down for an interview with movie reviewer Greg Russell to talk about their first appearance on the big screen together in the movie Flag Day.

Dylan will be playing the daughter to her father’s character as he struggles with weird and unpredictable predicaments, as Sean calls it, a theme of corrosive quality of deception.

Dylan calls working with her father surprisingly natural, as she and her father respected the relationship and collaboration, which made it very easy to film.

Next on Russell’s critique was Candyman, directed by Nia DaCosta, and one of the producers being Oscar-winning Jordan Peele.

Russell calls the film a sequel to the 1990′s original saying it references the original film.

Finally, the newest Netflix series, The Chair, follows the first not only woman, but a woman of color, that is the chairperson of an English department at a University.

Sandra Oh and Amanda Peet spoke on the relevance of how this is a depiction of today’s society and culture, and breaking certain norms, but also applying some laughs and comedic timing thanks to Sandra.

Watch the full interview above.

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