Here’s a unique treat to end the summer

This Takeout Tuesday explores different versions of the Mexican treat, mangonadas.

Mangonadas Del Barrio on Live in the D

Many people use Labor day to close out the summer and spend time with the family - but why not spice up your holiday traditions with a new dessert?

Mangonadas Del Barrio has lots of Mexican treats to keep you and your family cool this weekend.

Tony Hernandez, the owner of Mangonadas Del Barrio, and Arely Mora, the manager and Tony’s daughter, talked with Jason Carr about the wide variety of treats they offer.

First things first: What is a mangonada? A mangonada is a Mexican popsicle full of sweet and savory flavors. Magonadas Del Barrio offers different versions of the dessert. One is the original that is a popsicle in a cup. Next is a Mangonanda Piruli which is a bigger popsicle with tajin, lime, and chamoy frozen into it.

At Mangonandas Del Barrio you can order lots of other sweet treats like chocobanana, a banana split, tamales, and raspados.

They also offer breakfast items you can get to-go such as burritos, quesadillas, and tamales.

Mangonadas Del Barrio has two locations. One location is on Lawndale Street near the Fisher Freeway and the other is located on Vernor Highway near West Grand Boulevard.

Watch the video above to see all they have to offer.

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