This cosmetology school focuses on all hair types

Beautiful Luxe School of Cosmetology teaches students to make any hair type look great

Beautiful Luxe School of Cosmetology on Live in the D

Everybody’s had a bad hair day now and then. We’ll there a place that focuses on helping clients with all types of hair look their best at an affordable price. It’s affordable because it’s a cosmetology school where students learn to help others look and feel good. It can be a rewarding career.

Aisha Gatlin, the owner of the Beautiful Luxe School of Cosmetology, explained what makes her school a unique place for students to masters their skills.

Gatling expressed that she noticed a lack of diversity in cosmetology school so her goal was to bring something new to the industry by helping students focus on all types of hair. Not only do they work on a variety of hair types, they also have a very diverse student body that will make it easy.

Beautiful Luxe school of cosmetology also provides multiple services to walk-in clients including hair culling, haircutting, braids, as well as press and curl and natural hairstyles for textured hair.

Gatlin also owns a beauty Salon called Beautiful Luxe Hair Company which is helpful for students to get a look at professionals at work. Gatlin also said that some students are able to work in her shop after graduation.

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