See why people are driving miles to this Monroe gas station to try their chicken sandwich

There are 7 levels of heat

Have you heard of the Nashville Hot Chicken craze? Well, it has made its way to Metro Detroit, and there is one place people are traveling miles to go try it at.

Monroe – Have you heard of the Nashville Hot Chicken craze? Well, it has made its way to Metro Detroit, and people are traveling miles to one place to for a taste of one of several versions they offer.

“I’m from the Grand Rapids area and I was here visiting my Dad, and actually found this on social media,” explains Kyle Oberly. “The chicken sandwiches looked great, and I just really wanted to try it out.”

Lucky for them, customers can fill up their tank as they stop to eat because Eureka Eatery is located inside of a gas station. Owner Kenny Sharrak explained that while people were hesitant to try gas station food at first, it wasn’t long before the masses were won over.

“It’s amazing how the gas station has transformed. We definitely became a destination spot in Michigan for food,” says Sharrak.

Originally, however, Sharrak didn’t plan to open a restaurant. He bought the gas station and had some extra space. Sharrak’s business partner knew he loved food and encouraged Sharrak to turn the extra space into a restaurant.

“I absolutely love food,” says Sharrak. “I travel just to eat. I travelled all across America just trying different restaurants out, trying flavors and different styles of food out.”

They started out with Mediterranean cuisine, something Sharrak grew up eating, but he kept wanting to add new flavors and menu items based on his travels. They began adding monthly specials, and that’s when they found their niche, Nashville hot chicken.

Fans flocked to their new chicken-only menu, testing their taste buds with the spice. The Nashville hot chicken has 7 different spice levels - country, mild, medium, hot, burning, cluckin, and inferno. They use a blend of different peppers to create their seasonings, and the hottest level uses the hottest pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper.

Their menu is simple but effective with 3 different sandwich options, including their famous Nashville Hot Chicken Sammie, and a selection of tenders and nuggets. All of the chicken is made fresh and is pressure-cooked to keep the chicken nice and juicy inside while super crispy on the outside. They also have a Nashville Hot Chicken Mac Bowl, and waffle fries for a side option. In terms of drinks, they make freshly squeezed lemonade and have a selection of shakes to choose from.

So, does the Nashville Hot Chicken sammie live up to the hype?

“Definitely lives up to the hype. I think it goes above and beyond the hype,” says Oberly.

Eureka Eatery is located at 3080 N Monroe Street in Monroe. They have a drive-through and outdoor seating available. You can also order through Door Dash.

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