Two genres collide to pay homage to Led Zeppelin

This unique concert is a blend classical and classic rock

Led Zeppelin Windborne on Live in the D

When you hear someone say plant and page. do you think of something green in your home and a book? Or do you think of the two frontmen to one of the most popular classic rock groups ever, Led Zeppelin?

Loved by millions, Led Zeppelin has its own unique sound, and next Friday you can enjoy that sound live at “The Music Of Led Zeppelin Performed by the Windborne Symphony” at Detroit’s Music Hall.

Jason Carr chatted with the lead singer of Windborne, Randy Jackson, about how he is bringing the Led Zeppelin sound back to life.

Jackson will be performing Led Zeppelin’s music alongside the Windborne Symphony orchestra. The show will blend classical and classic rock together.

Carr said his favorite Zeppelin tune is “Immigrant” but Jackson says his favorite is “The Rain Song” because he believes it encompasses everything that Zeppelin offers.

You can catch the “The Music Of Led Zeppelin by the Windborne Symphony” Friday, September 10th at the Music Hall in Detroit.

Watch the video to learn more.

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