Commerce Township photographer captures animals in motion

Joni Roberts focuses on taking pet portraits

Pet Photographer on Live in the D

Pet parents love to capture their fur babies on camera, but chances are you know the struggle of keeping your dog or cat still, and getting a good picture.

Joni Roberts, a photographer from Commerce Township, is stepping in and catching stunning photos of animals in motion.

She manages to capture moments that show dogs jumping in the air, splashing water, and showing off their personalities.

Joni says she likes being able to photograph pets in their element and with their toys.

According to Joni, customers can pick a location for their pet portrait sessions, which usually last about an hour. Each session includes two edited photos to share on social media, and then customers can choose any additional prints, canvases and artwork of the portraits.

Watch the video above to learn more about Joni Roberts and her photography business.