Dog dad creates business to deliver fresh pet food

A new business is expanding to Detroit

Pet Plate on Live in the D
Pet Plate on Live in the D

A dog dad has turned his love for his pets into a pet food company designed to offer dogs something new to eat.

Renaldo Webb is a MIT graduate turned pet food entrepreneur. Webb founded PetPlate after he says he realized that people across the country would want healthier food for their pets.

Webb says he worked with a veterinarian to come up with recipes featuring fresh food to make sure the meals are complete and balanced. According to the company website, its meals are made with 100% human-grade ingredients and follow the same safety standards used to make food for people. Meals vary from Barkin’ Beef to Chompin’ Chicken.

Pet parents can visit the website, fill out a survey about their dog, and get a meal plan based on their pet’s specific needs. Orders are then shipped directly to a customer’s door. The meals must be refrigerated or frozen during storage.

PetPlate has shipped more than 15 million meals, and is now expanding to the Detroit market.

Watch the video above to learn more about the pre-made meals for your pet.