Helpful ways to get your skin ready for the fall

Skinphorea Skin Bar offers some ways you can keep your skin looking great as fall approaches

Skinphorea on Live in the D
Skinphorea on Live in the D

As the weather starts to get cooler every day, your skin tends to react to the changes as well. It may become drier, or other issues may come with the dropping temperatures. Now is the time to prepare your skin for fall, and a local skin bar offered some great ways to do it. Jessie Hayes-Stallings and Sharese Shorter, co-owners of Skinphorea, joined Tati Amare to discuss some easy things you can do to get your skin ready for the new, cooler season.

Shorter said, just like in the summer weather, hydration is key for your skin in the fall. She said whether you use a toner, or a serum, to apply a moisturizer to damp skin before you use other items. Also, think about applying a serum that has Hyaluronic Acid in it, which helps hydrate the skin. If you feel that you might need a little more help with your skin, Jessie and Sharese said a trip to Skinphorea is an option, where they would find the best way to treat your skin.

Watch the video above to learn more about how to take care of your skin in the fall.