Does this item actually lend a hand in the kitchen?

Try It Out Tuesday tests a quirky kitchen utensil

Try It Out Tuesday: Baggy Holder on Live in the D

Sometimes when you are done cooking in the kitchen and you are putting leftovers away, you might find yourself struggling to get them into a storage bag. Why? The bag may fall over, spilling your delicious food all over the place. While there may be someone you can call on to help you avoid this messy issue, what do you do if there isn’t another pair of hands to help?

There is a nifty kitchen item that is popular on the Internet that claims to assist your baggy problems. It’s called the Baggy Rack, and Kila Peeples decided to try it out. She used it to store fresh berries, cooked pasta noodles, and water to make an ice pack. Did the baggy rack stand up to the test?

Watch the video above to see if the baggy rack worked!

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