This Takeout Tuesday will satisfy all your carb cravings and more

Eddie’s Gourmet in Oak Park is not your typical diner

Takeout Tuesday: Eddie’s Gourmet on Live in the D

It’s Takeout Tuesday and this hidden gem could satisfy all your carb cravings and more. Eddie’s Gourmet restaurant and bar in Oak Park is taking diner-fare up several levels.

Eddie Hanna, the owner of Eddie’s Gourmet, and Laura Kerre, a long-time waitress and friend, talked about what you should order when you visit.

Eddie has been working at what is now Eddie’s Gourmet since 1984. He started as a dishwasher and worked his way up and is now the owner of the restaurant. They offer a variety of different pastas including their Trifecta pasta which lets you sample three different recipes. They also are known for their famous zip sauce which is added to a wide variety of menu items including the filet mignon. Laura described the zip sauce as a butter-garlic sauce with a special secret ingredient.

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