Celebrating Hispanic heritage through art

Muralist Elton Monroy Duran creates community engagement through art

Muralist Elton Monroy Duran on Live in the D
Muralist Elton Monroy Duran on Live in the D

Today marks the first day of National Hispanic Heritage Month and as we begin to celebrate the rich Hispanic culture here in the community we want to shine a light on some of Detroit’s magnificent murals. The artwork draws visitors from across the country and the world to our city. One artist is celebrating the Hispanic culture through his own vibrant murals he has created throughout the area, and in particular Southwest Detroit.

Jason Carr chatted with muralist Elton Monroy Duran about how he expresses love for his Hispanic Heritage every day through his artwork.

Duran explained that he is a Mexican immigrant and he moved to Detroit in 2015. He later received a grant to create murals around Southwest Detroit. His main focus is on art that creates community engagement. He speaks to a community before creating a new mural and uses their ideas to bring his art to life.

He also creates other murals for communities outside of Southwest Detroit like his recent mural for the Cranbrook Institute for Art.

Watch the video see some of Duran’s colorful murals.

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