5 ways to get your home ready for fall

A regular maintenance program can make the whole process easier, these experts say

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The first day of fall is this Wednesday, and right on time, there will be a big shift to more fall-like weather.

This change of season also marks the perfect time to make sure your furnace and home are ready for the colder seasons.

To see how to properly prepare your home for the chillier weather, we spoke to Gary Marowske, President of Flame Heating and Cooling.

Here’s what the company recommends:

1) Replace the filter on your furnace.

Several times, when the experts get called, it’s because someone’s furnace isn’t working -- and it’s because the filter needs to be cleaned or changed.

Filters should be changed or cleaned on a regular basis, based on the type of filter you have, Marowske said.

2) Make sure your plumbing is in order by getting your drains snaked.

Freezing temperatures can cause major problems if your pipes aren’t free of debris.

3) Consider buying a generator.

While we lost power quite a few times due to the storms this summer, the colder weather always brings its fair share of outages, as well.

With many people still working from home, making sure you will still have power in case of an outage is paramount, Marowske said.

4) Turn on your humidifier.

Cooler temps mean furnaces will be kicking on, and all that hot air can dry out any wood you have in your home.

5) Look into a regular maintenance program.

With all the storms we’ve had over the summer and the colder weather coming up, it is a good idea to have regular maintenance and inspections of your HVAC, sewer, electrical, and heating, Marowske said.

This will help catch issues before the first cold day hits, when everybody is seemingly looking for a repair person. It’s always smart to be prepared.

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