Can this kitchen gadget help you cook perfectly boiled eggs?

Try It Out Tuesday gets cracking by testing an egg timer that goes inside the pot

Try It Out Tuesday: Egg Timer on Live in the D

When you’re boiling eggs, it can be disappointing when you misjudge the eggs being done to your liking. Sometimes they will be too soft, and have runny yolks, or you’ve over boiled them (it’s actually a real thing) and the eggs have an unappetizing green tint around the yolk. There may be a way to fix that! It’s an egg timer that goes right in the pot with the eggs as they cook. The timer changes colors depending on the style of egg you want, whether it’s soft, medium or hard-boiled. Kila Peeples tried it to see if the timer works to make gooey soft-boiled eggs, and if it can help make a hard-boiled egg, even Martha Stewart would give a nod in approval.

Did the egg timer work for Kila? Watch the video above for her final results.

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