Going back out to restaurants? Here are ways to freshen up your manners

Did you know how you place your knife and fork can send a message to your server?

Mealtime Etiquette on Live in the D

Going out to eat in a restaurant is becoming the norm again, just like putting on non-stretchy pants or just eating out of the take-out container. Now, when you dine out with friends, or even attend a lunch meeting for work, there may be some manners you have thrown by the wayside that need to be refreshed. Kila Peeples spoke to Danielle Kovachevich, owner of The Detroit Academy of Etiquette, who enlightened her on some basic protocols that can be used at the dining table. Kovachevich has been teaching etiquette to children and adults for many years, and she said there is no bad time to brush up on basic etiquette.

Kovachevich showed Kila everything from what to do with your napkin after you’re done eating, to how to elegantly hold a wine glass. She also told her the do’s and don’ts for your silverware. Kovachevich says these may be things you know already, or you may think they are outdated, but it is always good to practice mealtime manners, in any situation.

Watch the video above to see more of what Danielle taught Kila about dining etiquette!

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