Here’s how you can look lavish in “leather”

Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan talks about vegan leather

Jon Jordan: Fake Leather on Live in the D

On those chilly fall nights, you may grab that leather jacket to keep you warm and looking stylish. This season, don’t be surprised if you see more of that leather look.

Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan joined us on Live In The D to talk to Kim DeGiulio about how leather is for more than just coats this year.

Jordan says it’s all about vegan leather this season. Jordan says it’s more pliable and you can do more things with it. He says it’s buttery soft like the highest-grade leather, but much easier to create things with. Vegan leather can be incorporated into other styles besides coats like skirts, vests, pants, spanks, and wallets.

He also says vegan leather is very durable and sustainable. You can even clean it with furniture polish.

Watch the video above to see full interview and more fashion advice from Jon Jordan.

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