This place blends cocktails and cologne together for a one-of-a-kind experience

Castalia by Sfumato pairs exotic perfumes with drinks from a historic building in Midtown Detroit

Sfumato on Live in the D

You may be used to drinks being paired with food, but this after hours destination pairs cocktails with something you probably have never seen before. Castalia by Sfumato doubles as a fragrance shop by day, and literally transforms into a bar by night. Owner Kevin Peterson, and his wife Jane, created this unique duo of a business in 2018, when they bought the lower level of a historic building in Midtown. Kevin then used his experience in the food and beverage industry to open a place that is intriguing and one of the first of its kind in the city.

Castalia has a cocktail menu that rotates seasonally, and various herbs and spices are added to the drinks. The drinks are also paired with a fragrance that is sold in the shop with the bartender spraying a mist of the scent onto a sample stick. Then you marry the taste of the drink with the scent, enhancing the experience.

To learn more about Castalia, watch the video above.

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