Star of “Ordinary Joe” shares memories of growing up in Metro Detroit

James Wolk plays the role of “Joe” in the new series

Ordinary Joe on Live in the D

Farmington Hills native James Wolk is in the national spotlight as he takes on the lead role in the new NBC series “Ordinary Joe.”

Wolk plays “Joe” on the drama that focuses on how one decision can impact a life in so many different ways.

The plot includes three parallel stories based on one decision made by Joe. In one storyline, it leads to Joe becoming a famous musician. Joe becomes a police officer in another storyline, while he is a nurse in the other version.

Wolk spoke with Live In The D’s Tati Amare about his acting role. Wolk says he was moved by the show’s script, and he thinks that we all go through that moment where a decision drastically impacts your life. He described it as fun and challenging to play three characters living in different worlds.

Wolk’s path to stardom all started in Metro Detroit. He is originally from Farmington Hills, which Wolk called a beautiful place to grow up. He also shared that he went on graduate from the University of Michigan.

Watch the video above to hear Wolk share more about his family and growing up in Metro Detroit.