4 reasons to consider getting medical tests done at home

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Many are under the impression that getting medical tests always means driving to a doctor’s office or hospital.

All of that can be a real challenge if you or a loved one isn’t up for making a trip like that. This can even cause some people to delay tests or procedures they may need.

The good news is, people are now able to get important diagnostic tests like X-rays or echocardiograms in the comfort of their own home.

HomeTeam Mobile Diagnostics, a mobile diagnostic service provider, shared four reasons you may want to consider an in-home medical test:

  1. If you are bed or homebound due to recovery or an illness. If your doctor doesn’t want you leaving the bed, you can bring the doctor’s office to you.
  2. If you have limited transportation. If you are uncomfortable driving yourself, or perhaps you don’t drive at all, it can be difficult to get to a medical facility. Having the option of the tests coming to you might make your life a little easier.
  3. If you live in a nursing home or assisted living home. Planning a trip to the doctor or hospital can be difficult, so bringing the tests to you can be more convenient.
  4. If you have time constraints. It’s not always easy to make it to the medical facility during their regular operating hours. Consider getting the test done at home so you can get a time that is convenient for you.

If you are interested, HomeTeam Mobile Diagnostics will bring the equipment to your home.

The company says the machines are surprisingly compact and will fit in any home so the procedures can be done bedside.

To set up an at-home test, talk with your physician and they can work with HomeTeam Mobile to ensure the correct test is done in a timely manner.

If the test needs to be done quickly, the team can typically get to your home and deliver test results to your doctor within four to six hours. In most cases, the company says, the service is covered by insurance, but you should always check with your provider beforehand to get more details.

For more information watch the video above, or click or tap here for more on HomeTeam Mobile Diagnostics.

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