RENT will take the stage at Detroit’s Fisher Theatre

Performance dates are Oct. 19 - 24

Rent at Fisher Theatre on Live in the D

DETROIT – It’s almost time to raise the curtain at the Fisher Theatre as the cast of RENT prepares to perform in Detroit.

RENT will be the first show to take the stage at the Fisher since the pandemic struck. The musical is coming to town as it celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Actress Lyndie Moe plays the role of “Maureen Johnson,” which was originated by Idina Menzel a quarter of a century ago. Moe spoke with Live in The D’s Jason Carr about the musical and its popularity.

Moe called playing the role of Maureen “life altering.” Moe says RENT touches on a lot of hard topics that aren’t often discussed. She describes the plot as centering on a group of artists who are struggling to survive in the city, all coming from different walks of life, and really depending on each other as they go through struggles. Moe says it’s comforting to feel represented on stage by some of the characters. You can watch the video above to hear more from Moe.

Performances of RENT will be held at the Fisher Theatre from October 19 - 24.