How do you choose the best sauce for your steak or seafood?

Black Rock Sauces on Live in the D

A sizzling steak or delicious lobster is often paired with a special sauce to help take the flavor up a notch, but how do you know which sauce to pick?

Jeff Cox, director of operations at Black Rock Restaurants, shared some advice on “Live In The D” for choosing the perfect sauce for your meal.

He said the restaurant’s signature Rock Sauce goes well with steak and seafood. But another option is the Casino Butter, which Cox said also pairs well with steak and seafood. If you like a little bit of spice, he suggested trying out the Louisiana Dream Sauce for your seafood.

However, Cox said when it comes to choosing the perfect sauce for yourself, preferences are really based on the person.

Black Rock Restaurants, which creates an experience in which guests can watch their food sizzle on a volcanic rock before their eyes, allows guests to choose exactly how their meal is prepared, along with a variety of sauces that will enhance the flavor and taste.

Watch the video above to hear more about specific sauces Black Rock Restaurants offers, as well as its current specials.