How to get the right flooring for the right room

Start your room makeover from the ground up, this company says

50 Floor on Live in the D

If you want to give your home a fresh new look for upcoming holiday celebrations, experts often suggest you start with the ground up, aka the floors.

When considering what type of flooring will work best, considering the rooms you are revamping.

Here are some tips to consider, according to 50 Floor.

1) How much use does your room get? Not all floors see similar wear and tear. Busy areas like hallways and living rooms get a lot more use than a bedroom. High-traffic rooms and places need more durable flooring.

2) How messy does the room get? Places like the kitchen and living room may see a lot of spills and just general mess. For rooms like this, you want to make sure the flooring is easy to clean. This doesn’t mean you need to put tile in your living room, but you may want to look into the carpet with some spill protection, or consider hardwood floors.

3) How do you want the room to feel? Some rooms should be cozier than others. A bedroom, for example, may benefit from a plush carpet, while a bathroom works better with a clean, tiled look. Living rooms could go either way, so the choice is up to you. Just keep in mind that the flooring you choose will help set the mood for the room.

4) How much do you want to spend? Budget is always an important thing to consider. It is best to come in knowing what you can spend, as opposed to falling in love with something out of your range. There are great choices at every price point.

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