Live in the D’s Halloween pumpkin reveal!

We get into the spirit with our pumpkin challenge

Pumpkin Reveal on Live in the D

Our pumpkins are ready! The Live in the D team took on the challenge of creating a pumpkin for the big Halloween night.

No one from the team shared their ideas or plans for their pumpkins and there were no rules, so anything goes! Michelle Oliver revealed her pumpkin which was full of metallic dripping paint and read “Boo!”. Kila Peeples decided to bedazzle her pumpkin with lace along with a skull sticker to pay homage to Dia De Los Muertos. Jason Carr created the “invisible man pumpkin” with sunglasses a hat and a bit of mummy wrap also known as toilet paper. Tati Amare created “Jacqueline the Jack-o-lantern” with a Mardi Gras theme including big jewels and “smize” eyes.

Watch the video to see all of the team’s creative pumpkins!

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