Here’s a new Scandinavian drink you can try

Here’s a new adult beverage to add to your things to try

Aquavit on Live in the D

The holidays are fast approaching! You’re probably starting your food list, but what about adult beverages? This Scandinavian alcohol is something that you could add to your home collection. This type of liquor is called Aquavit.

Robyn Cleavland, co-founder and distiller of Norden Aquavit, explained how to enjoy this adult beverage.

Cleveland says that his company got started about 4 years ago and now they run their production out of Ugly Dog Distillery. But, aquavit has a 500-year-old Scandinavian history and it was originally a drink during holidays.

He describes aquavit as botanical alcohol because it is infused with 10 different botanicals and is very close to gin. It is typically distilled with caraway and dill. Aquavit is usually consumed on its own, but Cleveland says Norden Aquavit is great for mixing. He showed two cocktails including a high ball with aquavit and Michigan-made soda. He also made a “Detroit cocktail” using strawberry rhubarb aquavit.

Watch the video to learn more about Norden Aquavit and how to add it to your adult beverage list.

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