Find the power in powdered fruits

Get the benefits of eating fruit, without the sugar and calories

Jody: Powdered Fruit on Live in the D

Now that the days are starting to get shorter, the change can really take a toll mentally and physically. One way you can prepare for the impact of the darker and colder season is by eating foods rich in certain nutrients. Fruit can be packed with tons of vitamins and nutrients, but also high in sugar and calories. So, how do you get the benefits of fruit without the unwanted aspects? Try it in powdered form. It’s something that health and nutrition expert Jody Trierweiler says will do the trick.

Jody spoke to Jason Carr about powdered fruit and how it can be added to your daily regime. Jody said when the fruit is freeze dried and broken down into a powder form, the fruit stays the same size, and all the good nutrients and enzymes are saved. She also said it’s best when the fruit is organic, to avoid pesticides.

Powdered fruits can be added to many different foods and beverages, such as lemonade, yogurts, and even cocktails. However, it is best to use it in cooler foods, so you don’t heat it up and cook out the enzymes.

For more information on powdered fruits, watch the video above.