This movie was made in Michigan and is premiering next week

Detroit natives talk about Michigan made film ‘An Intrusion’

Michigan Movie on Live in the D

One week from today, a new movie is having its Michigan debut and it was shot right here in Detroit. An Intrusion surrounds a family and a vicious stalker who may have connections to a violent secret.

Director and writer Nicholas Holland and producer and actor Sam Logan Khaleghi joined Jason Carr to talk about the new movie.

Holland says it is about a husband who ends an affair with a co-worker and in the midst of that his 16-year-old daughter starts getting stalked by a person implying they are aware of some deep secret. He says this movie is a thrill with character drama like Fatal Attraction or The Strangers.

Both Holland and Khaleghi are from Detroit, and Khaleghi says they always wanted to be a part of building the creative economy in Michigan and Detroit because they love it here. He says there is so much personal identity that is uniquely Detroit.

Logan says leading up to the premiere has been a positive adventure. He gave a special shoutout to the local Detroit talent who worked tirelessly behind the scenes. He says you don’t have to go all the way to Hollywood to find talent because the local talent pool in Detroit does exist.

The movie premiere will be at the Emagine Novi on November 11th. The movie will be released on November 26th.

Watch the video above for full interview.

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