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Movie reviewer Greg Russell talks about “Eternals”, “Finch”, and “The Harder They Fall”

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A new epic Marvel movie is in theaters today and some big stars have new movies streaming this weekend.

Movie reviewer Greg Russell chatted with Jason Carr to talk about Eternals, Finch, and The Harder They Fall.

First, we have the Marvel movie Eternals that has a big ensemble cast featuring Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek. Russell says the movie is about a group who has been protecting the earth, but while on break some bad folks named ‘the deviants’ try to take over the world which makes the Eternals come out of retirement and get back in action. Russel says he heard this movie is epic.

Up next, the new movie Finch starring Tom Hanks. Russell says the movie is about a man who is on a journey with his dog who he did not want to be left alone in case something happened to him, so he made robot that he teaches how to be human.

Russell chatted with Hanks about the film. Hanks expressed how the dog in the film, Seamus, started off as an intimidating professional dog, but the moment he picked up a tennis ball and threw it and Seamus brought it back, a fabulous personal relationship between a guy and a dog developed. Russell gave this film a solid four reels.

Finally, Russell discussed a movie that hit Netflix on Wednesday starring Idris Elba and Regina King called The Harder They Fall. He says it is a Black western about this one group of people who get out of jail and want to take revenge against the people that got them there.

Russell also talked with some cast members and director from the film. Jonathan Majors, who plays Nat Love, says the thing about Westerns is there is no government, social norms, towns, or cities which lends to an adolescent way of living. Zazie Beetz says her character, Mary Fields, is an adventurer who can go in the world and take care of herself, but is also a business woman who can perform and can play that role and seduce on her own terms. The director os the film Jeymes Samuel says this film was a passion project of the highest degree and story that needed to be told. Russell gave the film four and a half reels.

Watch the video above for the full interview.

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