Are you already planning for that winter vacation?

Should you stay or should you go... someplace warmer?

What's the Buzz - Winter around the corner

It may be warmer temperature wise for the next few days, but the cold and snow will be coming soon! With winter being around the corner, if you like to travel, now is the time to start making plans. So do you get away to somewhere warmer in the winter, or do you like to stay home and get comfy by the fireplace?

Jason Carr asked our What’s the Buzz friends what their plans are for the season. Joining him were comedian Mike Bonner, the managing editor of The Michigan Chronicle AJ Williams, and founder of Little Guide Detroit Kerry Doman, with her newest “co-worker” daughter Lainey. Kerry said she is now in the process of planning a family trip, although it is a bit harder than before since she and her husband now have three small children to travel with. She said they start to look for places to go as soon as flights open up and use travel points to get the best deals.

AJ said she is not quite ready to go out and deal with hassle of traveling yet, but she has an opportunity to go to New Orleans, so she might just take a chance. Mike said he is all about traveling, especially since he is on the go as a comedian. He doesn’t care where the place is, as long as he’s working. AJ said she would love to go to a faraway place, like Bali, to just be warm and chill. While Kerry said visiting family in Florida is a priority trip right now, but as soon as things with the pandemic gets better, a bigger trip will be planned.

To see what else they had to say about taking winter vacations, watch the video above.