Can this popular broom help remove pet fur from your carpet?

Try It Out Tuesday tries to snatch up that pesky hidden fur in your carpet

Try It Out Tuesday: Pet Fur Remover on Live in the D

As we try to prepare for the cooler weather, our pets are as well. They may be shedding fur to get ready for their winter coats, and you could be seeing tumbleweeds of fur flying around your floors. To help gather all of that fur, and maybe some other debris, there is a popular broom that claims to dig deep into your carpets and remove the fur that you can and cannot see. For Try It Out Tuesday, pet mom Kila Peeples had to see if this actually worked, so she purchased the Pet Fur Squeegee online. This tool has more than 80,000 reviews and a 4.5 star rating.

Kila tried the squeegee after she ran the vacuum, to test its ability to gather any lurking fur embedded in the carpet. She also used it around the baseboards of the room and on her hardwood floors. The results were interesting and surprising to say the least!

Watch the video above to see how the Pet Fur Squeegee worked for this Try It Out Tuesday!

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