Your holiday gift guide to Michigan-made products

“Buy Michigan Now” is helping you find unique gifts for your loved ones

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The holiday shopping season is here and billions will be spent this year on gifts. If you’re someone who likes to find that unique item to wrap up in a bow, and someone who likes to shop local, we have something that can help. “Buy Michigan Now” has released its 15th annual holiday gift guide.

Host Jason Carr chatted with Terry Bean who explained how “Buy Michigan Now” can help you find unique gifts for the holiday season.

Buy Michigan Now is all about investing money into the state of Michigan. Many people have taken the pledge to commit to buying local goods and supporting Michigan’s economy.

Bean explained that there are 24 different categories to choose from on the website gift guide that is full of Michigan-made products. He showed off a few products that are offered such as Granny’s Confections Peanut Brittle and a subscription book service called Mocha Pocha that will put your individual child in a book based on the picture you upload.

Watch the video to learn more.

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