4 signs you should get new windows this winter

Did you know new windows could save you money on your energy bill?

Get Ready for Winter Week: Pure Energy on Live in the D

We’ve all seen the big shift in the weather this week, and you’re probably thinking, “It’s time to get ready for winter.”

Well, one of the ways to prep your home is to make sure your windows are in fine working order.

Drafty windows can make the house colder and send energy bills soaring. We spoke to the experts at Pure Energy Window Company, to learn the signs of when we need to consider getting new windows.

Here’s what they had to say. Some signs are ...

1) Your energy bill is higher than you want it to be. In Michigan, we spend half the year heating our homes, and the other half cooling them off. If our windows are not well-insulated, all that money you are spending to keep your home at a comfortable temperature -- well, it’s flying out those windows.

Window technology just keeps getting better and better, and newer windows are more energy-efficient.

2) You avoid sitting near a window because it’s cold. Like everything, windows break down over time, and if you are feeling a draft, it’s definitely time to replace that window.

The same goes if your home just feels cold. According to Pure Energy Window Company, new windows can make your home 10 to 15 degrees warmer in the winter.

3) You want a new look. Often times, when we want to give a room a makeover, we think of painting it a new color or changing up the furniture, but new windows can also change the look of a room, as well.

This is especially true if you have windows where the wood is rotting, or if they are fogged up due to a broken seal.

4) You’re thinking of selling your home. New windows add value to your home. Whether you plan to sell it this year, or in five years, people will pay more for newer windows. According to Pure Energy Window Company, real estate agents say you will get about a 90-100% return on investment if you replace your windows. Plus, they really add to people’s first impressions.

To learn more about how Pure Energy Window Company can save energy costs this winter, as well as the look and style of your home, click or tap here.

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