Busy Phillips shares about her new pet and the show that’s doggone fun!

This show goes to the dogs every Thanksgiving

Busy Phillips Dog Show on Live in the D

On Thanksgiving, you know you’re tuning in to Local 4 to watch America’s Thanksgiving Parade presented by Gardner White, and you may watch some football late in the day, but there’s another popular event you can watch on television and it’s paw-tastic!

Live In The D Host Tati Amare talked to author and actor Busy Phillips to learn more.

Busy says her dog Gina was very unplanned. She happened to return from a work trip and saw Gina was in her home after being found by her husband. Busy says she was very grateful that Gina has become a part of the family especially as everyone stayed home during the pandemic.

As for the paw-tastic event, Busy told us a little about the National Dog Show, that airs on Thanksgiving day. Busy says she has always tuned in even before she had a pup of her own. She explained that while watching, you get to see various types of breeds and learn facts about the furry cuties, This year the National Dog Show will be revealing a new breed in the competition called the “Biewer Terrier”.

The busy mother also confessed that her kids do not help with her dog Gina, but luckily she knows some kids who do. She added that there is a segment of the dog show for junior handlers and their pets compete for the gold.

Watch the video to learn more.

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