4 ways to celebrate Thanksgiving safely with your pets

No slipping food to Fido under the table!

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Thanksgiving is a holiday to share with loved ones, and that could include your pets.

While you may be tempted to treat your pets to the turkey and sides you are enjoying, they should really be treated to something completely different, said Anna Chrisman, with Michigan Humane, who offered four ways to help make the holiday safe and enjoyable for your furry friends.

She said ...

1) Human food can be harmful. While you may be tempted to slip Fido a slice of turkey under the table, it is best not to feed animals any human food.

2) Make sure the trash is secure. This is kind of tied to the point above; animals will be very tempted to get into the trash if they smell some good human food, so keep the trash out of reach.

3) Watch out for bones. Even though turkey bones seem like they are super solid, one good crunch can cause them to splinter, which will mean an expensive trip to the vet if your dog ingests them.

4) Keep pets secure if visitors are coming in and out. The last thing you want is for your little kitty to slip out the door while grandma comes in. Instead, keep your pets in a safe, secure location until everyone has come, then let them out to greet people if they are good with crowds.

Chrisman also introduced us to an adorable pet in need of a home. Ryan is a rambunctious pit bull mix who is about 8 months old and has lots of energy and love to give.

The little guy loves to learn and is very treat-motivated, Chrisman said.

Ryan would be best suited to an active home with kids a little on the older side (ages 10 and up), so they can help continue all the positive reinforcement training he has already learned.

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