This Grammy Award-winning producer is chill about being a big deal

Boogz Da Beast talk about his musical journey and more

Music Monday: Boogz Da Beast on Live in the D

Today on Music Monday we did things a little differently.

One of the hottest producers in the Midwest, who you probably never heard of, Grammy Award-winner Boogz Da Beast joined Tati Amare to share his musical journey.

Boogz Da Beast has a list of people that he worked with in the music industry like Kayne West, Justin Timberlake, Dr. Dre, Chloe Bailey, Andre 3000, Teyana Taylor, and Ludacris, and is known as one of the most successful producers in the industry with a lowkey profile. He says he believes in the behind the boards theme since he is a producer and historically, they were behind the scenes and in the studio and he still follows that. He says it is not his job to be the artist, but to assist the artist to get their vision out.

Being from the Midwest influences his musical style saying that Chicago is a fusion between soul and pounding drums. Boogz Da Beast says when he was coming up in production he had to be the one-man band and did not have access to the big studios. He says he had to learn everything from doing his own instrumentation, learning drums, and writing his own lyrics.

The Grammy Award-winner has a range in his work from winning Best Contemporary Christian Music Album at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards to working with huge mainstream hip-hop artists like Megan The Stallion, and creating tracks for Chloe Bailey and Teyana Taylor. Boogz Da Beast says he connects with and brings these musical styles to life from different artists by ingesting the different styles from music, fashion, and food. He emphasized how the output is based on the input. He says hip-hop is gumbo because you put everything into the pot, stir it, then season it and you get what you get. For example, he says drums may come from rock music, the sample may come from soul-music, and the singing style may come from calypso. He says that is the beauty of hip-hop.

‘Hurricane’ by Kayne West featuring Lil Baby and The Weeknd was his favorite track to work on. He says from the time he started working on it a couple of years ago, they knew it had the potential to be a big record. He’s happy to see it come to fruition and the vision Kayne West had for it come to life. He says it is overwhelming and a beautiful thing because they worked on the song for years and it is now Grammy nominated for Best Rap Melodic Song.

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