These backgrounds create a scene for parties

Detroit Flower Wall talks about their aesthetically pleasing designs

Wall Flowers on Live in the D

You may have seen one of these backgrounds at an event or you may have seen them on social media. They are decorative floral and greenery walls that set a festive and cool backdrop for any gathering. They create a unique experience for you and your guests, and a unique and memorable place to take pictures for social media.

Larissa Carlton and Terrell Carlton, owners of Detroit Flower Wall, joined Tati Amare to talk about their company.

The brother-sister duo said inspiration behind the company started from Larissa Carlton doing women empowerment events where she created her own props because she could not find them. She said her brother and father would build them and that inspired them to create aesthetically pleasing marketing for businesses.

Larissa Carlton said the company is the flower that grew through the concrete, adding that they have been able to expand their business to now offer custom staging, interior designs for businesses, and neon signs as well. She said everything they offer is customizable, from small to large, and that it’s great joy to see someone’s vision come to life. The goal is to make someone feel the branding, she said, and to feel the emotion of happiness and wanting to take pictures to share on social media.

The business started in 2018 and took off during the pandemic. Terrell Carlton said he expected to see an explosive growth because it was a missing piece to the puzzle when it came to events.

Watch the video above for the full interview.

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