Here are different options for ornaments this holiday season

Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan shares fashion and home décor advice with ornaments

Jon Jordan: Ornaments on Live in the D

We know it is that time of the year to deck the halls, and that may or may not mean putting up a Christmas tree. Either way, ornaments can play a big part in your holiday décor, but they do not just have to be for the tree.

Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan joined Kim DeGiulio to share different ornament options.

Jon suggested to find a little corner, a cubby, an arch way, or a shelf to suspend ornaments since a tree is a big commitment.

First, Jon said you hang ornaments on a paint stick and use Velcro- to hang it, and be sure to layer it to give it dimension. He said it makes a special festive focal point in your room that does not take up a lot of space that a tree does.

Next, Jon said you can hang ornaments on a wine rack, throw ornaments in a glass vase, or put ornaments in the center of a punch bowl and add votive candles in cups for a spectacular holiday center piece.

Ornaments are not the only for holiday décor, you can also incorporate them into your style. Jon said you can use a spiral chrome ice cycle for a pendent (which are huge for 2022), or put several ornaments on a chain. Garlands can be used as a necklace, Jon said, adding that light weight ornaments can be used as earrings.

Watch the video above for more fashion help and home décor help this holiday season.

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