Fun films that may catch your eye this weekend

You can get into the holiday spirit or take step back with a Halloween treat

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After a couple of weeks of big moves hitting theaters and streaming services, it’s a little bit of a slow weekend. But, movie reviewer Greg Russell has a few films that may still catch your eye.


“Wolf” stars George McKay and Lily-Rose Depp. Russell said the story surrounds a young boy who believes he has been possessed by a wolf which makes him act like a wolf. His parents send him to a facility for additional help which is where he meets Depp’s character. She helps McKay embrace his uniqueness. Russell gave this three and a half out of five reels.

A Boy Called Christmas

This film will bring you into the holiday spirit! The story tells the tale of a boy who’s named Christmas and brings Christmas to life by showing its origins. On a long adventure, the boy runs into magical reindeer, and a little mouse lands on his shoulder to lead him along the way to a holiday miracle. Stephen Merchant stars as the friendly little mouse. Russell gave the film four out of five reels.

Candified: Home for the Holidays

This show is a candy lover’s dream! The Hulu show is a sweet experience that puts a team to the test to create life-size items out of candy. The team builds items like Christmas trees and snowmen, along with household items like refrigerators for their sweet home escape. Jackie Sorkin leads the team through the mind-blowing artistic work. Russell says “Candified: Home for the Holidays” is a very fun and creative series that he recommends families tune in for.

Watch the video to see what you should be watching this weekend.

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