This restaurant and butcher shop sources meat from their own farm

Everything is Halal and pasture-raised

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Dearborn Heights – The juicy steaks and hearty lamb chops they’re grilling up at The Heights Meat Market And Grill, are about as fresh as you can get. All the meat they serve and sell is raised on local farms, just like the one Mohamed Berry and his family own.

Berry and his family have not always been farmers. In fact, they were looking for a place like a cottage up north for the family to gather together and unplug, but they didn’t want a long drive. One time, while Berry, his father, and brothers were driving they came across a horse farm that was for sale and decided to put in an offer. The offer was accepted and the Berry’s became farmers.

What started off as a hobby, soon became a business.

“We’re like, okay, we’ll have some chickens, and then the chickens became more chickens, " explains Berry. ‘And then we brought on turkeys and ducks, and from ducks, we went to sheep, and then we stepped it up to cattle. We have everything you can imagine.”

Then came the butcher shop and restaurant. Berry and his family also work in construction and were asked by a family friend to do the build-out on their bakery and be a partner in the business. The family friend eventually stepped away, and Berry and his family revamped the business to be The Heights Meat Market & Grill like it is today.

When you first walk in you are met with a beautiful counter full of fresh meat. You can even see the steak dry-aging through the window behind the counter. They try to supply most of the meat through their own farm, but since the pandemic, they had to partner up with other local farmers to meet demand.

“We want the rest of the community to understand where they are getting their stuff from,” says Berry. " Where they are sourcing the stuff that they are feeding their children.”

That idea is very important to the Berrys, as part of the reason they bought their farm was to teach their kids where their food comes from.

In the back is a rustic farm-to-table restaurant with a menu showcasing their fresh meat, and family recipes. They have plenty of grilled items from steaks, to their mixed grill for 2 which features several different kababs.

“It does have the Middle Eastern feel to it, but with an American kick,” says Berry.

American classics include their burgers, chicken sandwiches, and their grilled wing appetizer.

Since the meat is sourced local and fresh, it is a great place to try raw steak dishes like kibbe, or their fan favorite, jarmashi. To make their jarmashi, they use finely chopped raw ribeye steak blended with diced jalapeños, onions, and spices.

Make sure you save room for one of their house-made lemonades, a family specialty served in a lightbulb souvenir cup.

The Heights Meat Market & Grill is located at 25034 Ford Road in Dearborn Heights.

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