This new song will put you in a good mood to “celebrate” the holidays

Live In The D catches up with local singer Beth Griffith-Manley

Music Monday Beth Griffith -Manley on Live in the D

You’re going to want to turn up the volume for Music Monday.

Live In The D featured a friend of the show, singer, and former “The Voice” contestant, Beth Griffith-Manley.

Griffith is already a well-known artist but now she has also had an additional title added to her repertoire, children’s book author. Her new book “I Am Beautiful Inside And Out” teaches young children about acceptance and starts a conversation about the effects of bullying. This book is meant to help parents, teachers and mentors help children identify bullying and prevent it.

Along with that, she has a new holiday single titled “Celebrate”.

Watch the video to hear the new holiday single and catch up with Beth Griffith-Manley.

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