Keeping it cool with copper this winter

Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan talks about how copper has a great metallic finish

Jon Jordan: Copper Tone Makeup on Live in the D

You remember the song “Silver and Gold” from the classic “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” Christmas special? These are two colors you instantly think go with the holidays or New Year’s, but not so fast. Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan joined Live In The D host Tai Amare to talk about another metallic that may be a better choice. “Copper is very overlooked,” said Jon, adding that it has a great metallic finish.

Jon showed a makeup illustration with a copper revision. He said the copper accents add warmth and dimension to the face, and work on any skin tone.

The makeup products you should be looking for include eyeshadow kits, copper lip glosses, and nail polishes, Jon said, adding that you can incorporate copper into your look in a variety of ways. He said it can be a metallic sort of shade or be used to tone down other things. For example, he said you can dust a little bit of copper shadow over liquid black liner and you will get a softer line.

Jon said copper can be a cool color for hair and you can spray copper highlights on any shade of hair.

The style editor also shared how you can make your own copper combination. He said he found temporary paste in red and gold at Sally’s that you can mix to get a copper color. He also said it would be great to use a cream blusher, cream eye shadow, or lips because beauty products are the same thing.

Jon encourages people to be creative and make a mess.

Watch the video above for the full interview and more advice from Jon Jordan.

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