Does this homemade mixture fight the frost on your windshield?

Try It Out Tuesday tests if a splash of something homemade will keep you from scraping your car windows

Try It Out Tuesday: Icy Windshield Hack on Live in the D

If you don’t have a garage, and it’s cold outside, you’ve probably had to do this. Search your truck for the ice scraper and stand in the freezing weather cleaning off your windshield. Or, maybe sit in the cold car while you wait for the heat to kick in and thaw the ice. There may be a way to prevent that from happening! Kila Peeples found a solution that could help keep you from scraping your windows in the cold, and you probably already have the key ingredient in your home.

The solution calls for a spray bottle filled with a cup of water and some rubbing alcohol, Kila used a few tablespoons, but you can add more if you like. She then sprayed her front windshield with the concoction and left her rear window untreated. With the wild weather we have been having lately, Kila had to wait a day or two for cold temperatures to come in to really test the solution. Did it solve her frosty window plight?

Watch the video above to see if it worked!

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