Here’s how to take care of a carnivorous plant

There are many misconceptions when it comes to growing a Venus Flytrap

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If you’re tired of the traditional bouquet of flowers, there’s a whole different type of plant that’s grabbing attention -- Venus Flytraps!

You may have seen carnivorous plants on TV or in the movies, but there are a lot of misconceptions about Venus Flytraps. One misconception is that they are tropical plants. However, Venus Flytraps are actually native to North Carolina and have become a novelty item, said Joey Stinson. He’s the owner of The Killer Plant Company, which is a spot in Hartland that’s all about helping the popularity of these carnivorous plants grow.

Venus Flytraps eat live insects for nutrients. The plants have trapping mechanisms that are activated by hair-like triggers. You cannot feed Venus Flytraps meat. According to Kristin Freshwater who is the manager at The Killer Plant Company, aside from live insects, you can also feed Venus Flytraps freeze dried meal worms.

There’s also a special way to pot carnivorous plants. Stinson said you’ll need a pot with drainage holes and sphagnum moss, along with a tray of distilled water that’s about a quarter inch full. He suggests leaving your plant under direct sunlight for 16 hours a day or under a grow light during the winter months here in Michigan. Watch the video above to learn more about caring for carnivorous plants.