Looking for a unique gift? Vintage toys that will entertain the kids (and adults)

Time Blaster Toys has vintage and new toys in store

Days of Giving – Westland Toy Blaster Toys on Live in the D

We have been showing you all kinds of gift ideas on “Live in the D,” as well as fun shopping and holiday experiences to enjoy around town.

One idea, however, is one that is unique and fun for the kids, and perhaps even some adults: vintage toys.

Stroll into Time Blaster Toys in Westland and you might take a quick trip down memory lane.

The store has vintage toys from iconic brands, including Hello Kitty, Jessie from “Toy Story,” Transformers toys and Turboman from “Jingle All the Way.” You can also find toys from Pokémon and “Star Wars” to “Venom” and “Ghostbusters.”

But you can also find some of the newer toys, like the Magic Mixies, which can be hard to find.

Bill Wild, the Westland mayor, said when he goes shopping, he looks for places that do not have a lot of traffic, and the town of Westland offers just that. It’s also a place to shop local, which is so important to the local economy. Plus, you can find unique gifts, connect with the community and help support the families that own those businesses.

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