Innovative gift wrapping techniques in a time crunch

“Bowdabra” shows creative ways to to decorate your gifts for the holidays

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Four days until Christmas morning and it’s crunch time!

You may likely have some wrapping to do and we want to help you with some ideas that will take your presents to the next level.

Sandy Sandler, the creator of the Bowdabra, a tool that can help you put the perfect bow on your presents, stopped by Live In The D to show some creative ways to wrap gifts.

Though many people use paper to wrap their gifts there are other innovative ways to decorate your gift. One item Sandy used was a cereal box. She explained that you fold the cereal box backward and decorate the cardboard to create a signature look for your wrapping.

She also explained that a great way to get bang for your buck is to gift a 3-in-1 gift. One example she showed was a warm hat with a bag of candy, then she wrapped the hat with a bow and draped an ornament over it. Now almost every decorative piece is technically another gift.

If you didn’t know, you can’t recycle frozen food containers. So, Sandy decided to use them as alternative gift wrapping. She took an ice cream container and decorated it with string then added her fun gift inside.

Watch the video for more innovative gift wrapping techniques for the holidays.

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