Detroit is home to a new automaker in NBC’s new sitcom

Ana Gasteyer talks about her character and the struggles she faces as the new CEO in the auto industry

American Auto Premiere on Live in the D

The Motor City is the backdrop to a new sitcom that debuts Tuesday that centers around a struggling auto company that is looking to turn its luck around with a new CEO. The show is called “American Auto”, and one of the stars, Ana Gasteyer, spoke to Jason Carr about the premise of the show, and the real-life roots she has here in Michigan.

Gasteyer plays “Katherine”, a woman who steps into the role of CEO of a major automotive company, without having any experience or knowledge of the industry. Katherine, and the other characters around her, work to figure out how to help the company to stay afloat, while she learns the ins and outs of the car world. Gasteyer said the show is meant to reflect moral and corporate struggles many companies face today, but with a humorous twist.

She also said she realizes that Detroit will have an extra critical eye on the show, as it is based in the city and on an industry that was built here. Gasteyer said she knows Detroit very well, thanks to family members who are professors at Michigan State University, and her grandfather settled in Detroit.

For more with Ana Gasteyer and her new show, “American Auto”, watch the video above.