Enjoy tea time for a special occasion

Tonia’s Victorian Rose in Rochester is home for special tea events

An afternoon cup of tea may be just what you need to warm up on cold days like these. At one place in Rochester, they are welcoming guests for a high tea experience and you can even dress up as characters from movies like Mary Poppins. Kila Peeples visited Tonia’s Victorian Rose to learn all about what they do for a unique tea experience.

The owner, Tonia Carsten, describes her place as a special occasion destination. She says they often host baby showers, wedding showers, birthdays or anniversaries. Carsten said she initially opened a cooking school for kids and didn’t intend on being a team room owner. Now, six years later, she specializes in afternoon tea and parties.

Afternoon tea is something that started with the Queen of England who wanted to have something to eat between lunch and dinner. At Tonia’s, you can choose from 25 different flavors of teas that range from classics like Earl Grey to raspberry or peach. For food, items range from cakes, baked goods and sandwiches, to full lunch meals.

If you prefer a theme to your afternoon tea, that’s offered at Tonia’s as well. Watch the video above to see some of the options they’ve done in the past. Tonia’s Victorian Rose is at 113 W. 3rd St. in Rochester.