In the middle of a Dry January? Here’s a mocktail you can make to cheers with!

Lost River Bar shared a cocktail recipe that leaves out the liquor

Many of us have decided to take a step back from drinking alcohol after the holidays, and participate in “Dry January”. Just because you’re not imbibing, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fancy drink! Matt Mergener, owner of The Lost River Tiki Bar in Detroit, joined Jason Carr to share a recipe for one from Lost River’s mocktail menu.

Mergener said although Lost River is a tropical Rum bar, housing over 200 different rums, and they embrace the tiki bar culture of Detroit’s past, modeling the bar after some of the same themed bars of the 1960s. Beverage director Hannah Whitenock showed Jason how to make a Coconut Proof mocktail.

Coconut Proof

Served in a tiki mug of your choice (something on the smaller side since the total volume of this mocktail is just under 4 oz)

- 1.5oz Black Tea ( steeped and chilled)

- 0.5oz Lemon juice

- 0.75oz Coconut Cream

- 0.75oz Hibiscus syrup

- 0.25oz Vanilla syrup

Add ice and shake/strain into a tiki mug filled with ice.

Here is a bonus recipe:

Missionaries Nemesis

Served in a coupe glass

- 2oz Pineapple juice

- 1oz Lime juice

- 0.75oz honey simple syrup

- 0.75oz Peach juice

- 1oz diced pineapple

- 1oz chopped mint

Muddle the diced pineapple and mint in a cocktail shaker . Next, add the rest of the ingredients and a few scoops of ice. Vigorously shake and strain into glass.

For more on Lost River Tiki Bar, watch the video above.