It’s National Backwards Day! Is it cool to do these things in reverse?

Back it up! Is it smarter to back into a parking space?

What’s The Buzz is all about doing things backwards today because it is National Backwards Day! What’s your feeling about doing things in reverse? Joining host Jason Carr to discuss it are Blaine Fowler, host of “The Blaine Fowler Morning Show” on 96.3WDVD, the Co-founder of the Cohen Brand, Vanessa Cohen, and Local 4 traffic producer, Khary Hobbs.

First up, how do you feel about breakfast for dinner? Or dinner for breakfast? Khary is a big fan of breakfast for dinner. He says nothing tops pancakes at night. Blaine is in full agreement, saying “whenever you can have bacon, it’s a beautiful thing.” However, besides leftover pizza, he is not too big on dinner for breakfast. Vanessa, on the other hand, is big on having dinner leftovers for breakfast the next day. Jason Carr said he always craves a burger first thing in the morning.

What about the style of wearing a hat backwards? Do you like to rock that look? Jason said he used to love to rock that style when he was younger, but thinks it has since fallen out of fashion. Blaine, however, thinks they are still in style and loves wearing a backwards hat. Vanessa also says she loves rocking a backwards cap. For Khary, it’s not so much about whether you wear it backwards or forwards, but it is all in styling and making sure the hat is fitted properly.

Finally, how do you feel about backing into a parking space? Khary is a big fan, saying no matter where he is at, he likes to get away quickly, and backing into a parking space allows for a quicker exit. Blaine is not a fan, joking that it should be against the law. The only thing he is okay with is a pull-through. Vanessa doesn’t care much either way, she just wants people to see her vanity license plate.

For the full discussion watch the video above. What’s the Buzz tackles a new topic every Monday.

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