Unique ways to explore and celebrate Black history

The Henry Ford shared some unique exhibits commemorating Black History Month

Black History Month does not end in February at The Henry Ford. The museum says its something that is celebrate year-round. Director of Museum Experiences and Engagement, Cynthia Jones joined “Live In The D” co-host Tati Amare to talk about these exhibits that celebrate Black history.

Jones said The Henry Ford always welcomes folks to come in and see their “With Liberty and Justice for All” exhibition. She said it is the center point of the museum, and you will find iconic items like the Rosa Parks Bus, the Lincoln chair, and other major American history artifacts.

But, that is not the only spot dedicated to Black History. Jones said throughout the museum you will find amazing examples of Black influence like George Washington Carver’s microscope.

She added that you can use the Henry Ford Museum app to take the Black empowerment tour, which takes you around to eight different artifacts and stories throughout the museum.

Jones gave us a look at one of the highlights on the tour, which is a concept prototype vehicle by a man named McKinley Thompson Jr. She said he was one of Ford Motor Company’s very first African American car designers, and a fantastic person to look up to.

Another amazing vehicle at the museum is the Rosa Parks Bus. Jones said they emphasize that many people before Rosa made that same stand, but Rosa prompted the movement.

To see some of these cool exhibits, watch the video above