Are these viral microwave popcorn poppers worth popping over?

Try It Out Tuesday tests popular microwave popcorn makers to see if they will make a pop-perfect snack

We take our popcorn seriously on Live In The D (It’s one of Tati’s favorites). So, when we found out that there a couple of microwave popcorn makers that have a strong viral following, of course we had to try them!

Kila Peeples tested two popcorn poppers that have millions of comments singing their praises, and hundreds of 4-plus star ratings on Amazon. One is the Micro-Pop glass popcorn popper, and the other is the Presto Microwave Multicooker.

The Micro-Pop popcorn popper has a slotted top that you can use to measure and pour kernels into the popper, and put a pat of butter on so it can melt onto the popcorn as it’s popping. The Multicooker is collapsible, and can be used to cook foods like ramen, soup, and bacon. It even comes with a bacon rack and chopsticks for enjoy your ramen with.

To see which popcorn popper worked the best, watch the video above.

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